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_My name is michel comte, I make a quarterly magazine called tnt cosmos
_(as well as a site on I was at
_"büro" concert here, but didn't get a chance to meet you^Ê Here are a
_few questions - Some of them I'll ask also to the other musicians of
_that night.
_1 Who come through the idea of gathering o' rourke, rehberg, fennesz
_and you on a tour? Will this lead to a collective release?

mere accident. rourke, pita & fenn were on tour and we did the
paris-surplus. no release planned though...

_2 What kind of reactions did you get in the different countries you've
_been through?

positive excitement - ignorance - hate

_3 It is clear that it is collective improvisation - each one providing
_his own files. But how far each musician improvises with his own sound
_sources? What modifications can be made "live" on a mac or not and
_which softs do you use? Does it depend on the memory ressources of the

on macs we re using supercollider.
there is virtually no limitation to what modifications can be made
to either incoming sound, files and synthesized sound.
the only one there is is the processing power and number of analogue outs.
the amount of memory only limits the size of your audiobuffers...

_4 Do you only perform with electronics in your studio, and did you do
_a choice between pc and mac, if yes why?

electronics only, yes, though i wouldnt call it "perform"
anyway, our "real" instruments bear a massive load of dust behind the heap
of other ancient crap...
ad choice mac/pc:
we did a choice for mac and linux and against windoze9x for i think
obvious reasons...

_5 What have you heard that turned you into musicians (other
_musicians'work, noises, surrounding atmospheres, etc.)

blade runner
the man who fell to earth

_6 What would be the shape of your most achieve major work - what kind
_of musical act that would be (length, nature, etc.) - but maybe this
_means nothing to you?

this would be a piece of ultra-intelligent distributed software which
could technically and conceptually continue and ultimately supersede the
artistical output of farmersmnl...

_7 where do you get your samples, what kind of athmosphere do you try
_to create with them?

samples: no particular cornucopia of audio-pasta
possible sources include: internet, record-cd-file-collection, friend's
audio DAT's, TV, ...

atmosphere: happiness, contentment, unworriedness, optimism, warmth,
order, sanity, clarity ..., ;)

_8 Are you fond of analogic sounds also?

just another source for samples?

_9 About your personnal work, in what kind of shops is it available
_across the world, and under which denomination?

available in a lot of mailorder and small specialized shops.
though major distribution through roughtrade in german-speaking area
at the moment...
no clue about the denomination...noize? electro? transgressive? (haha),
experi-metal, ...

_10 What have you recently released, and what are you going to release?
_Can you describe those works, your conceptual attitude if you have

recent: explorers_we, 60 minutes of random-madness
vague only future plans (cd on mego, a live cd(rom))

_11 Do you have a personnal label or plan to have one?

sure, buts its not so soon going to manifest itself within the physical
its probably called
though the distinction between internetradiostation and (online)label is
not quite clear...

_12 Do you plan some other tours or concerts?

all the time...

_13 Do you have time to listen to other's music, for you what has been
_remarkable for the last 20 years?

its more that we got too little material to listen to...
the "last 20 years list" would be quite exhaustive and its not even our
birthdays within...

_14 What do you think about your music taken by dj's mixing it with
_whatever they can think about?

i think you can count on one hand the djs who play our "m,usic" anywhere
but at home...

_15 What are the musicians or artists, in austria or elsewhere, you'd
_like to collaborate with?


_16 If you had to define austria through a noise, what would it be
_produced by?

a dying cockroach

_17 Is there anything else you'd like to say?

_Please add a complete discography

_also mention your address so I can send you the magazine.

franzensgasse 6
1050 vienne

jo. hope sufficient data submitted...
talk back...

Interview with: Oswald Berthold
Interviewer: Michel Comte
Date: ?
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