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Rviewed by: Cover (USA)
Date: September 1998\

"Farmer's Manual (sic) take listeners on an exploration of unfamiliar sounds. Explorers_We begins slowly with the white noise of machinery humming, adding fans whirring, what might be a vacuum cleaner, and techno playing in another room. The volume and dischord rises throughout the hour, divided arbitrarily into sixty tracks. The white noise builds with feedback and interference. Soon an off-kilter beat appears over a striated soundscape, followed by pulses like the swish of a brush. The record has built up the expectation that no sound will be recognizable, so it comes as a surprise when track 19 introduces a relatively familiar techno beat, admittedly generated from bizarre sound samples. For noise aficionados, Farmer's Manual (sic) offer a more diverse palette than the usual steady stream of white noise. By track 27, the volume and discord has built to industrial noise band levels - Merzbow-style white noise at attack force, with strangulated cymbals and abbreviated percussion. The searing high frequency of track 37 sand papers the ear drums, mutating into pendulum beats and pops. Explorers_We is like tuning into radio emissions from another planet."


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