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wiimote, zaurus


akustische resonanz

Heizelemente: Widerstandsdraht, Fön, Bügeleisen, Herdplatte, Laborheizgebläse, Radiator


wifi-simple-sender? ungluecklicherweise sagt meine wlan karte genau jetzt: Hardware self-test failed ;)

solar sound


tempest / videosignal <-> radio


music as a living organism

from: MY AFFAIRS WITH FEEDBACK - Alvin Lucier - Resonance Magazine Vol. 9 No.2 -

“... In Dream Music there is a radical departure from European and even much Eastern music in that the basis of musical relationship is entirely harmony. ...And in the life of the Tortoise the drone is the first sound.  It lasts forever and cannot have begun but is taken up again from time to time until it lasts forever as continuous sound in Dream Houses where many musicians and students will live and execute a musical work.  Dream Houses will allow music which, after a year, ten years, a hundred years or more of a constant sound, would not only be a real living organism with a life and tradition all its own but one with a capacity to propel itself by its own momentum.

from: Aspen no. 9, item 10


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