Softbop by General Magic

Softbop by General Magic

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Official release text

‘Softbop’ is the first new audio material from General Magic after a longish off-time. The duo of Andi Pieper and Ramon Bauer connect seamlessly were they left off almost two decades ago: driven by hand-forged electronic sounds and occasionally bursting beats, ‘Softbop’ is another bold exploration into the general magic of sonic manoeuvres.

General Magic, once described as perhaps the strangest, least stylistically constrained project on the Mego label’s roster, pushed the abstraction level of turn-of-the-millennium electronic music forward with audiophonic jewels such as ‘Fridge Trax’ (with Peter ‘Pita’ Rehberg), ‘Die Mondlandung’ and their audacious and joyful debut album ‘Frantz’ (both recently re-released by Editions Mego) as well as the pixel-precise digital sonic journey of ‘Rechenkönig’.

With ‘Softbop’, General Magic created a wild and weird beauty of powerful post-digital electronica. The seven track EP will be released in May 2022 via generate and test – the farmersmanual publishing hub for decentralised, incremental, and opportunistic audio projects.


releases May 25, 2022

Written, produced, and mastered by General Magic (Andi Pieper & Ramon Bauer), 2021/2022.

All things visual by Tina Frank: Cover design and
video ‘Burn’ → hi-res streaming via

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