32 Tracks For Free – A Tribute to Peter Rehberg

pity of a reason, yet a pleasure to participate

a project true to its own terms, hope you are too. community spirit and open growth

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GET THIS: 32 Tracks For Free – A Tribute to Peter Rehberg by various artists

Label: $ pwgen 20

Release date: 22/01/2022

Catalogue number: pwg004

Format: download

URL: https://pwgen20.bandcamp.com/album/get-this-32-tracks-for-free-a-tribute-to-peter-rehberg

Contact: pwgen20@gmail.com

Background: The loss of Peter Rehberg prompted the $ pwgen 20 collective to express their grief by making music in his honour. This activity snowballed into a larger collaborative project as more and more artists expressed a desire to contribute. The result is a collection of 32 tracks by various artists including many friends of Peter whose music has been released via [Editions] Mego.

Info: In memory of Peter Rehberg, 29/06/1968–22/07/2021.Editions Mego and its sub labels are continuing Peter’s mission to release uncompromising experimental music, so please support them at http://editionsmego.com/ and https://editionsmego.bandcamp.com/All proceeds from this album will go directly to Editions Mego to cover expenses.

Design by Tina Frank.

Mastered by Russell Haswell.

Album download includes .mp4 video of ‘pliii’ by Tina Frank.

Artist & track list:
01. v93r – Alarms
02. a0n0 – Blue.Electronic.Sky
03. Tony Lugo + Christian Di Vito – Chanbara
04. NPVR – close2find part1
05. Anthony Saunders – Computer Music For Peter Rehberg
06. Rian Treanor – For Peter
07. RM Francis – Form I Edit, S-Mapped
08. KMRU – from here
09. EVOL – Get That10. Finlay Shakespeare – Glazed Over
11. C. Lavender – Gogoratu/To Remember (Excerpt)
12. Phil Julian – Handshake-SSA
13. Guy Birkin – hengran2
14. chra – Hidden Visitor (for Peter)
15. farmersmanual – including silence, needle drops and pick ups – autoedit 3+6
16. 3.14… – Lattice
18. Russell Haswell – Perception Management (extended autoedit)
19. Mykola Haleta – Peter Dion Rosy Andrew Dawn and Mykola at the Mars Bar
20. Ilpo Väisänen – Pita conversation in dub2
21. keränen – plasters and wine
22. Tina Frank – pliii
23. nzworkdown – R for Pita
24. Bruce Gilbert – Rage
25. Victor Moragues – refractive
26. Ian M Fraser – Requiem for a Twisted Hard Disk
27. Ellen Phan – Reverie
28. Mark Fell – Sketch for eMego 303
29. Electric Indigo – TR_Kite
30. Elías Merino – Uncord
31. Luminous ‘Diamond Ben’ Kudler (feat John Elliott & SPARQL) – WE DO NEED NO MUSIC
32. General Magic – Whatever Forever (For Pita)



GET THIS 32 tracks for free = promo video

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