epydemic by Epy

epydemic, by Epy
8 track album

While not at all gone in the time since, Epy is back two years after their last release (trepy).

How are they back? With epydemic, of course.

The method?

The way Epy work is relentless, week after week tracks are churned out and thrown onto a pile that has been growing for years. Music is created by the core members of the band, often supported or distracted by a mildly fluctuating swarm of companions.


“Tracks were picked from the pandemic backlog. With a subtile resistance we came up with the epydemic album name to terminate the pandemic influence.”

We are always very happy whenever a new selection makes it to daylight.

Masterful reduction in the music, eerily matched by the artwork.


released November 5, 2021

Written, performed and produced by Klaus Voltmer and Nestor Pridun
Mastering by Michael Duke Peter
Cover art by  sansculotte.net
Studio attendance by andi, nils, oswald, stb, steff, uli

generate and test – gt71

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